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Who we are
Haitihilfe Heinz Kühn e.V. was founded in 1978 by its namesake, Heinz Kühn, as a private initiative. The declared core goal of this initiative, which has been in existence for over 40 years and has grown considerably during this time, is to provide children in Haiti with a basic education, in order to give them the chance to perhaps escape the vicious cycle of poverty one day through meaningful engagement with education.

Heinz Kühn

When he first visited Haiti in 1978 during a vacation trip, Heinz Kühn did not anticipate the consequences his encounters with this country and its people would have. However, the profound poverty of the residents in Port-Salut and the fact that at that time over 90% of Haitians were illiterate, haunted the teacher. When he returned home, he had the first sponsored children, whose school attendance he financed. The recounting of his experiences in Haiti eventually set the ball rolling. Colleagues, acquaintances, and friends also wanted to help. His life's work, Haitihilfe, was born.

Heinz Kühn passed away in February 2023 at the age of 89 - His legacy will continue through Haitihilfe Heinz Kühn.


Heinz Kühn (✝) had withdrawn from active work years ago and handed over his initiative to the younger generation, whom he supported as an advisor until his death. Meanwhile, the private initiative has become a registered nonprofit organization, the Haitihilfe Heinz Kühn e.V.

We are committed to enabling school attendance for the poorest in Haiti and providing access to society through education.

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Our promise

We travel to Haiti every fall at the beginning of the school year to personally deliver the donations to the children and those in need. This ensures that every euro you donate goes directly to where it is needed!

active members:

Christian Honeck
First Chairperson
Michael Knoll
Vice Chairperson

Nikolaus von Flotow
Vice Chairperson and CFO

Laura Gvoić

Veronika Laggerbauer

Gerhard Wolf

Shani Honeck

Zoran Gvoić

The Comité

Without helpers on the ground, Haitihilfe would not be possible. Our Comité provides helpful and loyal support during our trips. During the times when we, the helpers from Germany, are not on-site, they oversee our projects and take care of all the needs of the people in Port-Salut who are supported by Haitihilfe. Several times a year, they also visit all the schools and our sponsored children.

The members of the committee are: Maxime (back left), Marcel Felix (back center), Mirlande Duperval (front left), Mrs. Marie-Marte Duperval (front center), the chairman Mr. Delinze Pierre (front center), Tito (front right). Additionally, our friend and helper Ricaldo (✝) can be seen at the back right.