Willkommen bei der Haitihilfe Heinz Kühn e.V.

Welcome at Haitihilfe Heinz Kühn e.V.

Haitihilfe Heinz Kühn e.V. (Haitian Aid Heinz Kuehn) supports children and impoverished individuals in Haiti by facilitating school sponsorships, various school projects, and additional relief efforts. The core objective of our organization is to provide children in Haiti with the opportunity to attend school, with the hope that through your and our assistance, they may one day escape their hardship and poverty in this deeply impoverished Caribbean nation.

We mourn the founder and namesake of Haitihilfe. Heinz Kühn passed away on February 1, 2023, age 89. With his passing, we lose a fighter for the good, a friend, mentor, and a person who demonstrated what lived compassion can achieve. Our deepest sympathy goes to his closest relatives and all friends and companions. His legacy will continue through Haitihilfe.


We would be delighted if you decide to help the children and the poor in Port-Salut with a donation If you are interested in becoming a supporting member, click here: become a member. If you are already a supporting member and wish to apply as an active member, please contact us !

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Novelty since 2023!

The German tax authorities no longer require donation receipts for amounts up to 300 €. Therefore, we only automatically issue a separate donation receipt for an annual total donation sum of 300 € or more – unless specifically requested or needed by the donor.
This reduces our workload, expenses including postage – and it preserves the environment by reducing resource consumption.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Recipient: Haitihilfe Heinz Kühn e.V.
Account: 18206664
bank: Sparkasse Wiesental
BLZ: 68351557
IBAN: DE97 6835 1557 0018 2066 64
tax number: 143/216/60623
NGO register (Munich): VR 208102
1st chairperson Christian Honeck
Vice chairperson Nikolaus von Flotow

NEWS (3rd Dec 22)

Charity Run at the Max-Planck-Highschool in Bad Krozingen

The students of Max-Planck-Realschule in Bad Krozingen were able to hold their sponsored run in its original form after the COVID-19 break and raised an incredible sum of €18,500 in donations for Haitihilfe!

Thank you so much!

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