Haitihilfe Heinz Kuehn e.V. supports children and poor people in Haiti by procuring scholarship sponsorings, organizing and financing projects in the educational sector and further relief efforts. The main goal of our NGO is, to give children in Haiti the possibility of going to school to get an educational basis. With your and our help they have the chance to maybe get out of the great calamity they have been born into one day.

Because: "Seulement l'éducation peut changer notre société."

On the following pages you find news on the actual situation in Haiti, more detailed information about our projects in Port-Salut and the people behind the volunteer project. Furthermore you can download our annual reports (only in German language). We hope, that the informations provided answer all your questions. If not, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy if you were considering giving us and the children in Port-Salut support by donating to our initiative!


We are a registrated NGO!


Dear friends of the Haitihilfe,

to continue the work of Heinz Kuehn we decided to register "Haitihilfe Heinz Kuehn" as an official NGO.
For you, dear donators, supporters and helpers, doesn't change a thing! We will continue to travel to Haiti to deliver your donations personally, and to improve the situation on ground. Heinz Kuehn will continue standing by our side, as a supporter and consultant.

You can join as a supporting member or even apply for an active membership - We are grateful for every helping hand!

If you have any question we are happy to answer Your questions .

Christian, Shani, Laura, Zoran, Michal, Nik, Gerhard


Don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in a passive or aktive membership.
Our constitution | Mitgliedschaftsgebühr

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Endow a sponsorship!

Looking for a school enrollment gift for your child, your grandchild or in general a gift for another occasion? You may have noticed already that sometimes giving is more satisfying than receiving. Our own experience shows that children are feeling the same way.

How about endowing your soon to be first grader a school sponsorhip for a child in Haiti as gift for school enrollment? Contraty to another toy that will be ignored a short while after receiving, with this gift your child can help another child and experience at the same time, how lucky we are to have the possibility to go to school.

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Year End Recap 2018


Dear friends of the Haitihilfe,
Also in 2018 we're looking back to an important year: The plannings of the construction of our new school take shape, not to forget the regular school program. It is YOU who make it possible for over 800 children in Port Salut to visit school!
 A big 'thank you!' from the heart, to all of you! The entire team of Haitihilfe wishes you a tranquil time, a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a great start into the New Year!


Port-Salut after Hurricane Matthew


In October 2016 Hurricane Matthew hit southern Haiti with full force. Port-Salut and our school projects were severly harmed, too. Therefore we decided to visit Haiti again in March 2017, to get the full picture and to coordinate actions for rebuilding.


Please find the report from May 2017, where we describe the regular journey in fall 2016 and the situation after the devastating hurricane Matthew.

Watch our documentary



We’re happy to announce, that our documentary film of the trip in 2014 has been finished and is online now:

>>> Click here for the English version

We thank all donators and supporters, amongst others:

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