Das perfekte Geschenk für Ihr Kind

The perfect gift for your child

Gifting Sponsorships
You are still looking for a gift idea, for example for Christmas, or the first day of school of your child or grandchild? You may have already noticed that sometimes giving is more beautiful than receiving gifts. Our experience shows that children feel exactly the same way. How about sponsoring a school child in Haiti as a gift - especially for the first day of school? Your child can help another child in this way and at the same time experience how fortunate it is to be able to go to school. In Haiti, school is not a matter of course, as families often cannot afford the school fees for their numerous children. With their sponsorship and the associated renunciation of a material gift, your child gives a poor child in Haiti the chance for education and a secure future.

You give your child a gift, we take care of the rest!

The children in Haiti start school annually in October.

We travel in a small delegation to Haiti to personally enroll the children in the program, hand over the money, and ensure that everything goes smoothly and that the school fees are received in the right place. On-site, we have Haitian helpers who regularly monitor throughout the entire school year whether the school children from our aid program actually attend school.

Every year after our trip, we send our donors - including your child who takes on a sponsorship - our travel report with a small letter or a drawing from their sponsored child. Primary school in Haiti lasts six years. After the sixth grade, the child leaves our program so that we can accept new first graders again. The sponsorship then ends or, upon request, transitions into sponsorship for a new schoolchild.

If the sponsorship is a gift for the first day of school, we will issue a certificate for you - after receiving your first payment - that you can present to your future first grader on their first day of school. Please understand that the name and photo of the sponsored child will not be available yet, as we will only enroll the first graders into the program in October. However, after our trip, your child will receive the name and a photo of their sponsored child along with our trip report. Do you like the idea and would you like to sponsor a child for your child? Then write to us! The annual school fee is 35 euros, of course, you can also transfer a smaller or higher amount of your choice (but at least 20 euros).

Thank you so much!