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What exactly is "Haitihilfe Heinz Kuehn e.V."?

"Haitihilfe Heinz Kuehn e.V. " was founded as a private initiative that by Heinz Kuehn, a teacher from Germany, in 1978 after travelling to Haiti. Since schools are not free of charge in Haiti this initiative collects donations to enable children in Haiti to attend primary school. In 2019 the private intitiative was transformed into an officially registrated NGO to continue the work of Heinz Kühn.

Which projects does "Haitihilfe Heinz Kuehn e.V." work on?

The core task of "Haitihilfe Heinz Kuehn e.V." is to enable more than 900 children in the Port Salut area to attend school by sponsorships. That means donators from Germany sponsor one or more children in Haiti in order to enable them to attend school from 1st to 6th grade.

Apart from this HHK finances a school of its own which is atteded by up to 250 students and free of charge. Furthermore the NGO supports construction projects in different schools and offers individual help e.g. for very poor families, sick and old peaople in Port Salut. For more information please click here: Our Projects

How can I support „Haitihilfe Heinz Kühn e.V.“ ?

With an annual donation you can take over a student sponsorship, or support "Haithilfe Heinz Kuehn e.V." with a regular donation.
Additionally you have the option of a passive membership in our NGO - or if you'd like to be engaged personally to apply for an active membership.
Furthermore you can just join in as a helping hand; it's a lot to do, from writing letters to planning a new school. We need every help we can get!

I'd like to join the NGO. What's the difference between active and passive membership?

Being a passive member means you're supporting us with an fixed annual amount; you'll be invited to the annual membership gathering, and you'll get an insight in the works of an NGO.
The active membership does not only include the annual amount; you join in the regular meetings of the core team, where we organise everything, from re-construction of a new school to the annual autumn trip to Haiti.
It's no problem at all you'd like to help outside the NGO structures! We rely on the expertise and labour of a lot of supporters. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Does "Haitihilfe Heinz Kuehn e.V." raise charitable receipts for donations?

Of course. Please note your full address on your money transfer details; we're sending the receipts about quarterly.

How does my donation arrive in Haiti?

Every year in autumn when the school year begins we travel to Haiti in person in order to review our ongoing projects and to distribute the donations. We visit all schools and talk to each student in person. This is the only way to make sure that your donation arrives where it is supposed to. After our return we write a report that will be sent to all donators along with a thank-you letter from the sponsored children. During the rest of the year while we are not in Haiti our local committee makes sure that all sponsored students attend school regularly. The committee also take care of the needs of the old or sick people that we support. For more information about our local helpers please click here: Local Volunteers Local Volunteers

Does any staff get paid wages from the donations?

Yes, but only the teachers of our school "Ecole Notre Dame" in Port Salut. Since our school is free of charge for every student we need to finance the whole school. That includes not only teaching materials, the rooms, school and school meals but also the wages of six teachers. All helpers from Germany are volunteers.

I know sponsorships programs from other charities. Do I have to transfer a certain monthly amount to "Haitihilfe Heinz Kuehn e.V." if I want to become a sponsor? Am I obliged to donate regularly committed by the sponsorship?

Of course not! It is our philosophy that all of our donors decide themselves how long and what amount they want to donate. You are bound by nothing. No matter if you want to donate 1 Euro, 100 Euros or even more, no matter if you donate once, annually or monthly - you will be assigned to a student and become a sponsor. The grand total of all donations is distributed fairly in Haiti, each child gets the same amount of money (currently about 40 US dollars). In addition we use the donations for our other projects (see Our Projects). Every donator on our list receives the annual report and a thank-you letter of the sponsored child. If you are no longer able or willing to donate (for whatever reason) you will receive one more report in the following year, after that you will no longer hear from us.

I would like to donate. What should I put attention on?

Please make sure that you specify your full address on the transfer form when donating. This is the only way we can send you a receipt, the annual travel report and a thank-you letter of the students. Please have a look at the additional information on our donation page..

More questions?

If you have any further questions please feel info[at] (please replace “[at]” with “@“). or us the contact form.