Are you looking for a gift, e.g. for Christmas or school enrollment, for your child or grandchild? You may have noticed that sometimes giving is more satisfying than receiving. Our own experience shows that children feel the very same way.

How about donating a school sponsorship for a child in Haiti -especially if it's a gift for school enrollment? Your child would help another child and experience at the same time how lucky we are to have the possibility to go to school. Access to school is not granted in Haiti as poor families cannot afford the scholarship fees for their many children. With a student sponsorship and the abdication of a physical gift, your child gives a poor child in Haiti the possibility to gain access to education and a secure future.

You make a gift, we take care of everything else!

Children in Haiti are starting school every year in October.

We travel over there in a small team to enroll the children personally in our program, to pay their scholarship fees directly and to make sure everything works according to our rules and standards and that the money arrives in the right place. On ground we have a local group of volunteers, who check throughout the year, if the children are attending school regularly.

Every year, after we arrive back home from our journey, we're sending our yearly report alongside with a small picture drawn by the pupil to all our donators - also to you and your child who are sponsoring. Primary school in Haiti lasts six years. After sixth grade your pupil is leaving our program to make place for new first graders. Your sponsorship then ends or will be transferred into a new sponsorship for a first grader, as you wish to.

Is the gift for school enrollment? Then -after receiving your first payment - we'll send you a certificate for the first school day. Please understand that this certificate will not contain the name and a photo of the child you're going to sponsor, yet, because we're going to enroll new pupils during our trip in October. After we return your child will receive the name of the sponsored pupil and a photo alongside with the yearly report via mail.

You like the idea and want to get a sponsorship as gift? Then don't hesitate and contact us. The yearly scholarship fee is 35,- Euro, but of course you can donate a smaller or greater amount as you wish (the minimum however would be 20,- Euro).

Thank you!