Die "Haitihilfe Heinz Kühn e.V." wurde 1978 von ihrem Namensgeber Heinz Kühn als Privatinitiative ins Leben gerufen. Erklärtes Kernziel der seit über 40 Jahren bestehenden und in dieser Zeit beträchtlich gewachsenen Initiative ist es, Kindern in Haiti eine grundlegende Schulbildung zu ermöglichen, um ihnen durch die sinnvolle Beschäftigung mit Bildung die Chance zu geben, dem Teufelskreis der Armut vielleicht eines Tages entkommen zu können.

Heinz Kuehn

When he visited Haiti for the first time in 1978, he didn’t think of the impact this journey would have on his life and the life of thousands of children in Haiti. Shocked by the great poverty of the inhabitants of Port-Salut and with the knowledge that back then over 90% of the Haitans weren’t able to read or write, he decided to help some kids paying the school fees. Back home he told his friends and colleagues. Everyone was excited and wanted to help, too. His lifework was born.


Meanwhile Heinz Kuehn retired from active work and put his initiative into the hands of a younger generation. He is still a valued consultant and friend. His private initiative became an officially registrated NGO, the 'Haitihilfe Heinz Kuehn e.V.'.

Wir setzen uns dafür ein, für die Ärmsten in Haiti den Schulbesuch zu ermöglichen und durch Bildung einen Zugang zur Gesellschaft zu schaffen.

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All helpers are unpaid volunteers!

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Our promise: We travel annually in early fall to Haiti to hand over all scholarship fees and donations personally to the children and people in need. For that reason we can guarantee that every Euro donated reaches its destination where it’s needed!

Active members:

Christian Honeck

Michal Knoll
Vice Chairman

Nikolaus von Flotow
Vice Chairman and CFO

Laura Strzedzinski

Veronika Laggerbauer

Gerhard Wolf

Shani Honeck

Zoran Gvoic

The Committee

Without the help from locals our work would be impossible to do. Our committee helps us during our annual visits and is there during the times we aren’t. They supervise all of our projects, visit all schools regularly and take care of all concerns of people in Port-Salut we support.

The members of the committee are: Maxime (rear left), Marcel Felix (rear middle), Mirlande Duperval (front left), Mme. Marie-Marte Duperval (front middle), our president Mr. Delinze Pierre (front middle), Tito (front right). Additionally in the rear right you can see our long time friend and helper Ricaldo.