Please help us giving new hope!

Although the big NGOs are calling for donations every day to help in many countries after catastrophes or in other urgent situations, we kindly ask you not to forget us and the people in Port-Salut. We try our best to give the people in Haiti long-term help. Just the way the founder of Haitihilfe – Heinz Kuehn – began to do more than 40 years ago.

We are continuing to help the children, the poor and the elders in Haiti even when the big NGOs have left the country for long and the people of Haiti are no more in the news and minds. But, to be able to give help, we need your support! We travel annually to Haiti to hand out the donations to our pupils as well as to supervise and finance our other projects. Therefore we can guarantee that every Euro you consign to us arrives where it should.

According to the responsible tax office, our organization is approved to be pursuing only charitable and non-profit goals.

Support us with your donation!
It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 Euro or 100 Euro, every contribution counts!



Recipient: Haitihilfe Heinz Kühn e.V.
Bank Account: 18206664
Bank: Sparkasse Wiesental
BLZ: 68351557
IBAN: DE97 6835 1557 0018 2066 64
Tax No.: 143/216/60623
Register of associations (Munich): VR 208102
Chairman: Christian Honeck
Vice Chairman: Michal Knoll

Important note: Please make sure to state your full name and address when sending us donations.

You will then be added to our donators list and get an official donation receipt for donations of Euro 200,- or more (up to Euro 200,- your bank account statement will serve as receipt at the tax office. If for any reason you need an extra statement from us, please contact us).

With the declaration of your address you agree that your data will be stored in our donators database. You will thereafter receive updates about our activities on a regular basis. This agreement can be canceled at any time without giving reasons.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Endow a sponsorship!

Looking for a school enrollment gift for your child, your grandchild or in general a gift for another occasion? You may have noticed already that sometimes giving is more satisfying than receiving. Our own experience shows that children are feeling the same way.

Wie wäre es mit einer Patenschaft für ein Schulkind in Haiti als Geschenk? Im Gegensatz zu einem weiteren Spielzeug, das nach kurzer Zeit keine Beachtung mehr findet, kann Ihr Kind mit diesem Geschenk einem anderen Kind helfen und gleichzeitig erleben, was es für ein Glück hat, in die Schule gehen zu dürfen.

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students help students!

For now almost 10 years the Max-Planck-Middleschool supports us with an annual charity run.
The students look for sponsors who reward them per lap the students run round the school building.
In the past we received annual donations of up to 20.000 Euro! Many thanks from us!

Do you have interest in supporting us with a similar charity event? Just contact us!

Thank you!