Volunteers from Germany

Heinz Kuehn

Heinz KühnWhen he visited Haiti for the first time in 1978, he didn’t think of the impact this journey would have on his life and the life of thousands of children in Haiti. Shocked by the great poverty of the inhabitants of Port-Salut and with the knowledge that back then over 90% of the Haitans weren’t able to read or write, he decided to help some kids paying the school fees. Back home he told his friends and colleagues. Everyone was excited and wanted to help, too. His lifework was born. Since then he went back to Haiti year after year. The number donators grew, likewise the number of children going to school. In the best years over 1000 children were sent to primary school with the help of Haitihilfe. A lot of poor families, orphans and elder people found help to get nutrition, medical treatment and further support. In 2008 Heinz Kuehn stepped back from the active work due to age and health issues. The work on the ground is nowadays mainly done by Christian Honeck and his father Thomas Honeck. Heinz Kuehn still participates in the backoffice with organizational help.

Other helping hands

Besides Christian and Thomas Honeck several other volunteers are actively helping “at home” in Germany. Spouses, siblings, friends and colleagues, many helping hands work voluntarily for the Haitihilfe. From filing and mailing donation receipts and annual reports to PR work in social media, a lot of work is done.

But not only the volunteers in Germany are very important for our cause. We also get lots of help from local people in Port-Salut.

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